Tilikum presenting! I edited the sound out so you dont have to hear my screaming, lol.

he’s so handsome!


Tilikum. Splash. (Trying again)



Tilikum. Belly breach♡♥

he’s doing so good!


I just did some research into what SeaWorld is now doing with Tilikum, over a year after the release of Blackfish.

What I found made me feel physically sick. They refuse to release any statements about his health?

Orcas or any wild animal like that shouldn’t be kept in enclosure that are less…

I’m confused. What exactly did you find that made you feel physically sick? What do mean that they refuse to release any information about his health?? They are doing the same thing with Tilikum now as they did before that bs movie was released. He does shows, he does dws, his in uwv often. He has his own training team that works with him daily. He is basically treated the same way as he always was except after 2010 they simply can’t touch him the way they use to. So instead he gets hose massages and rub downs with the brush etc. He has the choice of 3 pools and they keep Trua in with him for company. So again what’s your point? If you are under the impression that he is kept in one tiny pool, shunned, hidden and isolated that’s crap.


"When you see a solitary whale like that, endlessly floating around, not swimming but just logging at the surface for hours at a time, when he would normally be traveling for miles with his family, it seems perfectly reasonable to compare that to someone sitting alone in a darkened room in a deep state of depression."- Naomi Rose, Death at Seaworld

Are you anticaps running out of stuff to post about? Yup somebody took a video of him logging that’s less than 2 min long and said he did it for hours. Guess we’ll take their word for it smh lol and even though there are tons of pictures videos and eye witness stories of him doing the opposite you ppl insist on posting and reposting this bs to make it seem like this is what he does everyday just to further your cause.


Kalia floats by a ledge, flukes on the ledge. It appears she is vocalizing, but the video is muted. She continues to roll on the ledge, two other whales circle the pool. The video cuts away and you see her doing a “slideout behavior”. The trainer talks baby talk to her, Kalia goes on the slideout a few more times and drifts away.

The beginning of the video is disturbing. Kalia is just floating there, vocalizing with not her whales in site. Then she does the slideout behavior, I’d like to point out that if she’s doing that while pregnant, it can’t be good.

So, as it turns out Kalia was not pregnant, she was actually looking at the trainers and vocalizing, nothing negative. This goes to show you that instead of trying to find negativity to further the anticap cause using videos and pictures where you clearly have no idea what your looking at maybe you should go to seaworld yourself and observe.


Underwater Viewing Sea World Orlando - 7/31/14

Katina and Makaio

Makaio attempts to mate with his mother Katina. Katina has already mated with another one of her sons, Taku (deceased) and produced the first inbred calf, (now eight year old) Nalani.

*note I encourage you to watch this on your computer in full screen or like, on youtube…it might be pixelated here and you won’t be able to see - the water was really cloudy, the whales were defecating a lot. I tried my best.

Watched it in full screen other than seeing his penis out, which I’ve seen before and no females were even near him didn’t see anything in this video indicating he mated or tried to mate with katina. Personally I think you are exaggerating what took place since the water was cloudy which made this video impossible to see not to mention could you have moved the camera around anymore? ? Guess we will have to take your word for it right lol


Kayla, SeaWorld Orlando - 7/31/2014

I tried to get some info on what the marks are in these pictures, but I never got a response. I’m not making something out of nothing, just thought it would be useful to share. Note that this isn’t some sort of reflection off the pool, as I noticed it in Underwater Viewing, and I was lucky enough to be seated right in front when they asked her to slide out and do a bow. If anyone has any idea feel free to share - obviously it’s not something you see everyday on a killer whale.

WOWWWW really? Really? How pathetic of you. You go to seaworld stalking around trying to find negative things and you see 200 good things but ignore them. Good job. Pat yourself on the back killer. Kayla has had those markings for a long time and just because you saw them now it must be something horrible because SeaWorlds evil. NOT! Stop being a creeper and open your eyes and see all the good seaworld does. All I’ve seen from you are negative comments about tili and now Kayla. Come off it.


I sat down in the stadium at 8:38pm, the show did not start until 9:00pm. One of the adult killer whales did sort of a dead man’s float for twenty minutes. They were already doing this when I walked in, so it could have been longer. This seems to be a super weird behavior, she would roll over to take a breath and then roll onto her back once more. Another whale attempted to interact with her but it didn’t stop the behavior.

I also wanted to make a quick note. I watched both the 7:15 and the 9pm shows. Tilikum was not introduced or brought out for either showing. I also tried to stay after and look in the back pools, I couldn’t see him at all. The water was still and there were no other whales back there. I am not sure where he was. I’m not completely familiar with the park layout. They seemed to be avoiding him like the plague.

If you are interested in watching the video, here it is. It’s very hard to see. Enjoy the loud music!

This wouldn’t be the first time that an anticap put up a handful of pictures and a video that was 1:21 and claimed that the behavior went on for a much longer period of time. I only point out this possible exaggeration of the facts because you went to 2 shows didn’t see tili and made a statement saying “they seem to be avoiding him like the plague”. I smell anticap drama. Enough said.



Saw Tilikum tonight! He did the splash segment alone and he is gorgeous.

DO we need to talk about the evil of caged sea mammals

Shut up we don’t wanna fucking here it. This person went to seaworld and had a great time and wants to share their experience. So pull the jam outta your twat and get over it. Go bother someone else. BTW I’m giving you the finger.